Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My review of Pilgrim Collection Teo Aroma Diffuser

Ok, so bear with me, this is my first review blog post.  I agreed to do this blog post as a condition in getting it at a discount to review, and it is so fabulous, I just had to........This is just beautiful on the listing, and did not disappoint in person!

First, I am going to st
art off by saying it is designed in Belgium......Man, do them Belgians know how to make a beautiful diffuser!!

Upon reading on this the top of this diffuser, turns out it is HANDMADE!!  Crazy, huh?  Someone had their hands on this and made it gorgeous!  I'd like to take up ceramics one day, but I doubt I could make something like this that is so uniform it looks bought, or stamped.......
but, squirrel, apparently.....lol
(The bottom of it is made form Beech Wood)

This diffuser has so many different features it is just crazy.  It has an autostop function, where when the water is gone, the power goes off.  (Most do this, but still a function that is necessary)  It has a timer and runs about 5-6 hours on continuous.   It has a 110 ml tank, and really looks beautiful on.  The stream comes out the top, and is very easy to add to, or adjust.

The buttons look nice, and are pretty easy to understand the function of.  The lighting is completely adjustable.  From a nice warm yellow/ivory light, to a meditation light where it pulses, to off - just in case you decide you can't live without it at bedtime, you can turn off the light.

So, overall, this is very beautiful, and makes a very beautiful addition to your home.  I am betting that no matter what your style or how you decorate, you can find a place for this beautiful diffuser!

I really hope I didn't just embarrass myself with my first review post!  Thank you for reading!

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